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Practical Money Skills for Life™ Visa Inc.®

Two Independent Study courses to assist you in understanding and teaching the essential skills of money management. Both courses, Personal Economics for Teachers (EDU 590EA) and Teaching Money Management (EDU 590EB) are comprised of self-guided online training followed by written coursework to be sent to a USD instructor.  The courses can be taken simultaneously. Students have 90 days to complete the online portion of the course and are given up to nine months from the time of registration to complete additional assignments. Teachers who successfully complete each course earn one semester unit of graduate level extension credit.

Personal Economics for Teachers

EDU 590EA · 1 Semester Unit · $71

Skills to develop a personalized lifelong money management plan.
This course consists of online training combined with written coursework that will encourage a teacher to understand and assimilate money management concepts by applying them to real life situations.

Teaching Money Management

EDU 590EB · 1 Semester Unit · $71

Skills to develop student lessons and/or learning activities for parents.
After completing online training, teachers will prepare curriculum that addresses various money management issues. Lessons can be for the classroom or for adults in the school or community setting.

The content portion of these courses is the excellent online program Practical Money Skills for Life™ which is offered by Visa Inc.®.  Upon registering, an e-mail will be sent to you within 48 business hours allowing you access to the course instructions through your USD Continuing Education account on this website.   You will be given directions to access the online training AND directions to be printed out for completing the written portion of your USD course, which gets mailed to the instructor for evaluation.


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NOTE:  These courses will be labeled independent study on your transcript.


After registering for courses, allow 48 business hours and then your course instructions will be available through this website.  Log in to our website by using your e-mail address and password.  Go to MY ACCOUNT and the course instructions will be there for you to download and print.  Please allow 48 business hours for this access.

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