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Project READ - EDU 599 Frequently Asked Questions

An independent study program for DoDEA and International School Educators

PLEASE READ:  This program, Project READ, is designed specifically for DoDEA (Department of Defense) and international school educators. If you are not a DoDEA/International school educator, please go to our similar program for all other educators called Project Inform. Please note that the book lists and course instructions are different for the two programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should I write when completing the assignment?

A: Responses should total approximately 3 - 5 typewritten pages. Participants are not expected to write a "book report." The purpose of Project READ is to seek reactions about the ideas presented by authors.

Q: Is it possible to extend the 9 month response period?

A: Extenuating circumstances may be accepted for the time extension. Seek approval from USD if it appears there may be a problem, at  If an extension is granted, it is final.

Q: Will USD accept books not included on the approved list?

A: No, book titles that are not on the approved reading list are not being considered at this time (09/07).  You must choose from the list.

Q: Does USD have an initial university registration fee in addition to the fee for enrolling in Project READ?

A: No.

Q: Are the credits quarter or semester hour credits?

A: Semester.

Q: Are the credits transferable to a degree program?

A: Generally graduate extension credits are used for salary advancement and recertification purposes. Degree-granting programs may also accept transfer credit, but the decision is solely with that institution. If in doubt, check first with the degree-granting university about transferring credits.

Q: Once a response is submitted to USD, how long does it take for a transcript to be mailed?

A: USD will usually forward a transcript approximately three weeks following receipt of the response. If you have had a recent change of address, contact our staff at before you submit your course work to Dr. Jim Olivero AND also you will need to update your profile yourself on our website,, prior to registering for your next course.

Q: How much does it cost for a transcript?

A: There is no charge for an initial transcript. The first transcript is provided on a complimentary basis as part of the registration fee.

Q: Is it possible to order additional transcripts?

A: Additional transcripts may be requested from USD. Each transcript is available for $15. If there is a special address for the additional transcript, that information should be included with the request and payment.  Additional transcripts can be ordered at after you have received your complimentary transcript showing that your grade has been posted.

Q: How many Project READ credits is it possible to earn?

A: There is currently no limit on the number of credits that can be earned via Project READ. However, only one Project READ credit may be earned per semester (Winter, Spring, Summer). A total of three Project READ credits may be earned in a single school year.

Q: When credit is entered on a transcript, will the title of the book read be included on the transcript?

A: The title of the book will not be entered on the transcript. The transcript will read as follows: IS/Project READ: (Category of the book, e.g., Art, Reading/Writing, etc.).

Q: If trouble-shooting is necessary, who is the contact?

A: Contact Dr. James L. Olivero at this e-mail address: