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Project READ - EDU 599 Directions


Directions for Completing Project READ Requirements

You have 9 months from the time of registration to complete the requirements for the program. Send your completed response paper to

Please note if you are a DoDEA educator: DoDEA will only accept one Project READ course per semester (FALL: Sept-Dec; SPRING: Jan-May; SUMMER: June-Aug).

Use the checklist below to plot your progress.

_____ 1. Thoroughly read the book you selected.

_____ 2. Process (think about) what you read.

_____ 3. Write 3-5 pages by answering the following questions:

_____ A. What are the most appealing ideas expressed by the author(s)?

_____ B. What are the implications of the ideas in the book for you as an educator?

_____ C. What ideas of the author, if any, do you challenge? Why?

_____ D. All completed course work needs to include the following at the beginning of your paper, either as a cover sheet, or at the beginning of your texted email: 

1)  Your Full Name (which you registered under)

2)  Last 4 Digits of Your SSN

3) The Title of Your Book Selection AND the Category for which it falls under on our approved Project READ booklist  (The category will show on your transcript).

_____ 4. Forward your responses via email to*

Grades for the course will be based both on the content and the quality of writing.  Course work found to contain material copied from un-cited sources may be failed with no opportunity for resubmission. 

Assessment will be made by using the rubric that follows:

1. Addressing questions A. - C. above.
2. Writing with clarity (e.g., coherent, concise, logical progression.)
3. Developing personal responses (your response is not intended to be a book report.)

Grades awarded by USD Readers are final. The University of San Diego will mail grades and one complimentary transcript approximately three weeks following review of the responses.

Question: Have you changed address subsequent to your initial registration? If the answer to this question is "yes," please email our staff the address change with your full name, last 4 digits of your SSN, and previous address at sandiego@usd-online.orgAlso, you will need to edit your profile on our website, prior to registering for another course.