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Valuing the Individual in a Test Focused Environment - EDU 548P

1.0 Semester Unit

This course was created to help teachers develop strategies that will improve their ability to value all students unconditionally. In the face of the disastrous effects on some children of classroom pressure for measurable performance, nurturing this talent in teachers seems an increasing necessity.

Often educational ideas and theories, such as those of author Alfie Kohn, cannot fully be incorporated into the classroom. At best, they can be used as tools to help teachers create opportunities to make a difference with their students. It is the job of the teacher to manipulate these ideas and theories into workable practices.

After reading the article Unconditional Teaching by Alfie Kohn and the book Nobody Left Behind by educator Deanna Enos, you will have the experience of converting Kohn's theory to reality and transforming this conversion into practice. This course work will give you the opportunity to participate in this process.


After completing this course, the participants will have had the opportunity to develop strategies that will:

  1. help bring about the feeling of acceptance to all students regardless of how well they achieve or perform.
  2. help parents encourage their child to achieve, but accept them no matter how they perform.
  3. help administrators cope with the testing environment of today.

The required readings for this course are:


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For course content information, contact the instructor at or phone (925)256-9019.

Valuing the Individual in a Test Focused Environment - EDU 548P
INSTRUCTOR: Ryan & Jessica Pickett

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