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The Midwest-Cleveland - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - EDU 590GP

1.0 Semester Unit

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  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
  • War Memorial Fountain, Memorial Plaza in Downtown Cleveland

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The Midwest-Cleveland - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - EDU 590GP
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Horning


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Welcome to the Experiencing America Series designed by the University of San Diego, Division of Continuing Education. The major focus of this Series is encouraging teachers to travel and experience our country by viewing, studying and reflecting on historical sites, museums, parks and memorials.

Using these course assignments as a guide to exploring each location will enhance and expand your understanding and appreciation of the relevance not only of the specific site, but also to the area of the country in which you are visiting.

We hope you will share these experiences with your family and that you will be inspired to integrate what you learn on these trips into your classroom curriculum. We believe that by broadening a teacher's understanding, one cannot help but influence students.

The fee for this course covers only the cost of the one semester unit tuition and one official transcript that will be mailed upon successful completion of all assignments. Any travel expenses or admission fees are the responsibility of the student.

Upon registering, you can access course materials through your USD account on our website. Please allow 48 business hours after registering for e-mailed instructions to gain this access.

Please note that you may take one or more courses in a particular region (you are NOT required to take all courses within a region). For example, if you are planning on visiting Washington D.C. you can print the coursework from each course, bring them with you on your trip and then decide which courses you will actually have an interest in or time in your schedule for. Then you can go back to and officially register for the course(s) you completed.

Here is the list of regions offered:

Offerings included in this series are:

Exploring this area brings to light the facets of our colonial and constitutional periods as well as the war for independence and the war between our states. It also includes a look at a charismatic post World War II president and his family.

This area recalls Lewis and Clark, Custer and Sitting Bull, Wild Bill and Calamity Jane, a granite quartet of presidential faces and a World War II general who became president and worked for peace, as well as our first minority president.  It also has sports, TV personalities, architecture, rock & roll, the great migration, organized crime and riots.

This area highlights the results of New York becoming a financial power in the world and of a depression era president who changed the direction of the country.

This area brings documents, museums, monuments, our three branches of government, and Arlington National Cemetery  to life.

Experience colonial America, the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War and two Presidential homes.

This area tells the story of our struggle for civil and human rights, of two late 20th century southern presidents and of American entrepreneurial spirit.

This area consists of American authors, artists, architects, archaeologists, acomas, anasazis and atoms.

This area has been influenced by two presidents, an author and a newspaper mogul, gold and the movie industry, women and the Spanish, and many others that you can see, feel and comprehend through museums, a fort, a castle, a studio and parks.

Discover how Native Americans and immigrants, a pig and wildly successful business ventures have influenced this naturally beautiful region that has been recognized as one of the most environmentally green in the world.

Hot water, brewing water and clean water, as well as a western icon, has helped to develop business and recreation in this region in both the past and present.

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