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Maximizing Student Achievement through Classroom Management (Secondary) - EDU 506YB 1003 90

3.0 Semester Units

This online course will provide secondary school teachers with a variety of resources and strategies to help manage their classrooms.  The focus will be on both effective prevention as well as intervention approaches.  Well-managed classrooms where students know what is expected of them, materials are stimulating and accessible, and teaching methods are appropriate to the students' learning styles and needs will be examined.  Additionally, components of effective teaching, including time management, consistency, and motivation will be discussed.

This course is a scheduled online class led by a course facilitator.  Taking an online course is convenient, fun, and allows you to structure your learning to your own learning style.  Take the time you need to read, ponder, and compose responses.  Dress as you like.  Work any time, 24/7, at your convenience.  No driving.  No parking.  Eating is optional. Online learning is a great way to add time to your life!

  • Assignments are posted weekly and are normally due one week later
  • You can go online when convenient during each week
  • Regular interactions with the facilitator and other students is an integral part of the class
  • You'll read articles both online and in the textbook, watch videos and have some basic responses to post on the discussion board each week.
  • We anticipate you will spend roughly 3 hours per week on your course workand 15 hours on a Term Project.
  • You can be away from home as long as you can log onto the Internet!

Materials to complete this course in the Professional Teachers Program Series consist of two items.  The text book and the DVD are now available for purchase through The Teachers Network Store.  BOTH items are required to complete EDU 506YA, 506YB, 506YC, 506YD, 506YE, 506YF, 506YG, 506YH, 506YI and 506YJ in this series. Click here to purchase.   Only one copy of each is needed, so no need to order again if you are taking multiple courses from those listed above or have taken one of the courses previously from the aforementioned. 

Comments from teachers that have taken courses from this series:

  • "Thank you!  I am more excited to start this year than I have been in a long time!!!  I got some wonderful ideas that I am going to implement right away.  I know they will help with the management and help my year get off to a great start!!!  I learned a lot!!! "
  • "I enjoyed working on the project throughout the class which helped in the end.  This class has been great!  Let me know what other classes you will be moderating."
  • "Thanks so much for allowing me to correct my mistake!  I did as you suggested and added the last item to the discussion board.  I appreciate your help.  I've learned a lot from this class and will be putting it to use in two weeks with a new bunch of students.  Thanks again!"
  • "This is a great course and "just what the doctor ordered."  Thanks for all your comments and support.  The readings and lessons are very useful and help me to reflect on a year when I received much praise but still took bumps to my self-esteem.  I am really enjoying the interchange with all the members and feel it makes for a very enriching experience."

Hardware Requirements for your online training include:

  • Reliable access to a computer with an Internet connection


  • Be sure to order the required text from The Teachers Network Store, Professional Teachers Handbook.  If you already have access to the text from another source or have purchased it previously for another course, you do not need to purchase this item again.
  • Be sure to ALSO order the required DVD from Teachers Network, Professional Teachers Videos DVD.  If you already have access to the DVD or have purchased it previously for another course, you do not need to purchase this item again. 
  • You must register for the REGULAR FEE at $320.00 to register for a course.
  • If you are unsure, contact us at before placing your order.
  •'s CTA Member discount does not apply.


After registering for courses, allow 48 business hours and then your instructions will be emailed to you.  Please contact Cyndi Thomas-Evans at, if you do not receive this email after the 48 business hours. 

REFUND POLICY - Refund/withdrawal requests should be done by emailing Cynthia Thomas-Evans directly at and will be accepted up to midnight Sunday, March 14, 2010.  Tuition refunds will be less $25 processing fee if received by March 14 deadline.  No refunds and/or transfers will be issued after midnight Sunday, March 14, 2010 deadline for any reason.  (This refund policy supersedes the policy stated at the bottom of this page)

Maximizing Student Achievement through Classroom Management (Secondary) - EDU 506YB 1003 90
WHEN: March 10, 2010 - May 19, 2010
CLASS CODE: EDU 506YB 1003 90
CLASS CATEGORY: Professional Growth

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Refund Policy
For Scheduled (live) classes, withdrawal and transfer requests should be done online. A full refund will be credited to you if the class has not started. After a class has begun, each request will be handled on an individual basis. Refunds and/or transfer requests will not be processed for any reason after 30 days from the start of class.