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Project Inform - EDU 599

1.0 Semester Unit

This course has been discontinued as of 6/30/2013.  Please visit our new website at http://PCE.sandiego.edu to view our new program, Read, Empower, Act, Discover which is tied to various educational books.

Historian Barbara Tuchman once described books as being the carriers of civilization. Those of us who work to preserve and improve civilization by educating young minds need the intellectual and emotional stimulation and sustenance that comes from reading important books.

Project Inform has been developed to encourage educators to view reading as a worthwhile activity, and to see it as a potent avenue for professional growth. The cost is minimal; the rewards are endless. The course may be taken multiple times using different books. A new course number is assigned each time. Your first course will be given the EDU 599A course number, with the second course being EDU 599B, etc.

PLEASE READ: This program is not accepted by DoDEA (Department of Defense Schools). If you are a DoDEA or international school educator, you want to register for our similar program, Project READ, which is accepted by DoDEA. Please note that the book lists and course instructions are different for the two programs. Books and course work instructions are not transferable to the other program.

  • Read one book from approved book list. (If a "set" is indicated, you must read both books in the indicated set for the one unit).
  • Reflect on what you have read.
  • Respond to the following in written format:

PART A (Cognitive Domain) Synopsis (1-2 pages) - Prepare a general overview or outline of the book(s).

PART B (Affective Domain) In three separate numbered responses of 1-2 pages each, answer the following three questions:

  1. What are the most appealing ideas expressed by the author(s)?
  2. What are the implications of the ideas in the book(s) for you as an educator? OR How will you implement the ideas with your students?
  3. What ideas of the author do you challenge and why? OR If you find no ideas to challenge, explain the appropriateness of the title of the book, or comment on other ideas that you would have liked to have seen included. **If you have chosen to read a SET of books (indicated on our booklist), compare and contrast the two books for this assignment.

See course instructions for other specifications to complete course work.

Steps to Completion:

  1. Review the book selections from listed categories.
  2. Select and read one book (or if it is a SET requirement, read the two books). These books can be found at major bookstores or online.
  3. You have nine (9) months from the date of course registration to webpost your completed course work. See course instructions for further details.


After registering for this course, allow 48 business hours and then your course instructions will be available through this website. Log in to our website by using your e-mail address and password. Go to MY ACCOUNT and the course instructions and cover sheet, if needed, will be there for you to download and print. Please allow 48 business hours for this access. Please note that if you register for multiple units of this one unit course, the course and website accessible instructions will only list one time under your account. Print off course instructions again, if needed.


You can go ahead and get started sooner, after registering, by getting the instructions and the cover sheet, if needed, on this page. They are listed under ACTIVITIES.

For course content information, you can e-mail your questions to USD Professional and Continuing Education at pce-edu-info@sandiego.edu.

Project Inform - EDU 599
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Horning

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Refund Policy
For Independent Study classes, withdrawal and transfer requests must be in writing and received within 4 days of registration. A $25 per course processing fee will be charged for tuition refunds. Refunds and/or transfer requests will not be processed for any reason after this 4 day period.